onsdag 16 maj 2012

S*Concinnus Hey Jude Supreme Premier

Världens bästa Kotte... SupremeSpeedcat's utställning den 12 maj. Så matte har jobbat för att ta honom så här långt. Alla helger på utställning... Alla resor...  Så fantastiskt stolta vi är Lillemor! Och så glada att han bor hos dig! Kram.

GIC & GIP S*Concinnus Hey Jude finally got his last title, Supreme Premier, at Speedcats show 2012 05 12. Congratulations to owner Lillemor Forström, Siameslinjen. And thank you Lillemor for beeing such a good friend, nice company on shows, and must of all thank you for taking such good care of Kottentott.

With us on the show was also S*WilHug's Fame and Fortune, aka Maia (or Majsan). She is eight months old now. Big for her age, looong, tall on leg, beautiful whip-ish tail.
Here me and Majsan are waiting for our turn in nomination.

 Cool, calm, relaxed. (Not really, but we are really trying to look that way.)

 Hey, what is it judge Edström is saying...? Is he talking 'bout us? 

Shall I put the cat on the table? Now?

Maia got nominated, and also became Best in Show Junior at the end. 

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